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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take my order to ship?

An order normally ships within 48hrs. Some oders, depending, on the product/item can ship same day or within 24hrs.

What size are the mini apples?

Mini apples are a smaller version of a regular sized apple. The size comparison would be that of a tangerine. Sizes of the mini apples will sometime vary!

Is custom ordering available?

Yes! Custom ordering is available with any size apple large or small. Please keep in mind that a mini is small in size and may not be able to have the same custom design as a large apple. For all custom orders please call customer service to inquire and place your order! All custom orders are not the same and will be priced accordingly. An invoice will sent to a valid email address and once received, we will start your order.

Should I refridgerate items once I receive them?

For candied apples refridgeration is not recommended as for the apples will get very sticky. Keep them in a cool area and away from humidity. All chocolate covered items should be refridgerated immediately upon delivery.

Are all items individually packaged?

All candied apples are indiviually packaged except for cookies, strawberries, and pretzels which will be boxed(container boxes) per order.

What is the shelf life of the apples (how long do they last)?

Apples normally last up to 10 days after delivery. Cream cheese stuffed apples should be eaten immediately for the apple will brown very quickly (2 days max) upon arrival.

Is any size party or event accommdated?

SURE! Just contact customer service for any package size over 100 and we will be glad to assist you. Apples And More accommodates all large parties or events, no matter the theme!